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About The Comic

Back in April of 2008, Emilie and Dani decided to try the 24 hour comic challenge. A 24 comic is a comic of 24 or more pages created, from the initial idea to finish comic, within 24 hours.

Dani did the storyboarding, character designs, penciling, and most of the inking. Emilie created the story, script, did the lettering, filled in the really big ink areas (she had the honor of using the Magnum, the king of sharpies), and made sure Dani didn't get distracted (the slacker). The entire 24 hour comic is done in varying sizes of sharpie, and a set of Sakura pens, on computer printer paper.

In August of 2008, Emilie and Dani decided to put the comic online and to continue the story.

About The Creators

The Author

Age: 21
DoB: September 24th
Gender: Pirate

Similar to Gimli, minus all the extra hair.

The Artist

Age: 20
DoB: June 10th
Gender: Female, usually

Quiet. Not to be trusted.